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Jeff Carrier John Hennigan A revolutionary fitness program developed by personal trainer, Jeff Carrier, and international professional sports entertainer, John Hennigan, Out Of Your Mind Fitness contains the best of all the training programs used throughout their careers, as well as a myriad of new techniques and exercises.

Having worked in the field for many years, Jeff has seen it all, and knows what works and what doesn't. Functional training gives you everything; the body, the performance, and the confidence all wrapped up in the most efficient package.

John Hennigan (Promo) On the road non-stop, performing over 200 shows a year, John was required to stay in constant, peak physical condition, but within tight time constraints. He bounced between every different workout style there is, but none kept him more interested, challenged, or as fit as functional bodyweight training. Consisting of dynamic movements and bodyweight exercises it gave him the best return on his time spent in the gym.
For a number of years, Jeff and John have been working to perfect their functional training workouts and create the ultimate package to deliver all of it to you, and this complete package will be available later this year.

Jeff Carrier

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The Out of Your Mind Fitness package will include the following:
  • 6 DVDs containing 25 dynamic warm-ups and over 140 exercises across all 5 levels
  • A complete training log
  • An extensive manual that includes information on…
    • The program itself
    • Periodization & energy expenditure
    • Nutrition
    • Body fat & metabolism

Whether you're an advanced athlete looking for the next level or a beginner who has never worked out, Out Of Your Mind Fitness makes the highest level of fitness obtainable. It is broken down into 5 levels, starting with exercises such as bodyweight squats and pushups before progressing in an innovative new style to never-before-seen exercises such as plyometric wall jumps and quadriped pushups.

Out Of Your Mind Fitness combines revolutionary exercises with cutting edge tactics such as Total Body Integration (TBI), Specificity, and Muscle Blitz, ensuring your success at the most intense functional training program ever created. Want to get into the best shape of your life and enjoy doing it? Time to get Out Of Your Mind....

More on Jeff & John...

Jeff and John

Jeff Carrier is a personal trainer based out of Manhattan Beach, California, who is recognized by NASM, NCCPT, KA. He has applied his expertise in post-rehabilitation, advanced strength training, weight loss, and strength and cardio conditioning to train the broadest spectrum of clients including professional athletes, actors, models and even other personal trainers. He has made several television appearances as well as being featured in national magazines. A former competitive boxer and mixed martial artist, Jeff has risen to the forefront of the fitness industry due to his unique and advanced functional training style.

John Hennigan is a professional wrestler, having performed around the world with World Wrestling Entertainment, and appearing on USA's WWE Raw. His teeming accomplishments have been headlined in national and international publications as well as television programs, most recently being featured on the cover of Muscle & Fitness. Hennigan is known for his disciplined, unconventional, and effective training techniques. He possesses a type of vigor and athleticism unparalleled in the fitness industry today, which allows him to succeed at the highest level of competition.