What is Out Of Your Mind Fitness?

Out of Your Mind Fitness is a revolutionary training program developed by personal trainer, Jeff Carrier, and international professional sports entertainer, John Hennigan. It focuses on exercises that improve and perfect the body’s ability to do what it is built to do: MOVE (run, jump, push, pull).

This is functional training.

If your goal is to get in the best possible shape in the least amount of time, Out Of Your Mind Fitness is how to do it.  Want to learn more about Why We Created OOYM Fitness?

The 6 DVD’s that come with the Out of Your Mind Fitness Regimen includes a more comprehensive program than any other fitness DVD product available:

  • 175 exercises and dynamic warm ups spanning 5 levels and “Muscle Blitz”
  • Training log with over 35 weeks of daily workouts
  • Fitness Manual that educates and entertains with information on:
    • Functional Training
    • Total Body Integration
    • Periodization
    • How to measure and reduce Body Fat
    • Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Cardio
    • Metabolism and Energy Expenditure
    • Nutrition

Our unique progressions begin at a fundamental starting point and evolve through five levels to extreme exercises that will transform your fitness and your physique.

Out Of Your Mind Fitness builds multi-planar strength, power, core stability, joint range of motion, stability and flexibility, muscular conditioning and cardio endurance.

Each of our carefully programmed levels will test your limits, get you looking and feeling your best and having fun while working out.

Ready to Get Out Of Your Mind?